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Are you familiar with the term jel fireplaces more popularly known as gel fireplaces? If you're not acquainted with the term, jel fireplaces are the most contemporary vent-free portable fireplaces that run on alcohol-based gel fuel. Most fireplace designers and manufacturers consider jel fireplaces the most modern among present day inglenooks because they are environment safe, friendly, economic as well as easy to install and use. Another unique characteristic of jel fireplaces is that though they run on gel fuel, they provide the cozy warmth and also the romantic flame crackle of traditional wood-burning hearths.

Now that you're aware of what jel fireplaces are, you ought to also know where to find the best ones in case you decide to install one in your home or office. We acknowledge that choosing a fireplace for yourself is entirely your personal privilege, but would still like to suggest that if you are contemplating to acquire jel fireplaces, please run through the products of jel fireplacesJenson Company of Racine, Wisconsin, USA. With an experience of over 75 year and in the business of fireplaces for more than eighteen years, Jensen Company definitely discerns jel fireplaces better than many others and can fulfill your needs best.

Jensen Company has on offer a wide assortment of indoor jel fireplaces;. These jel fireplaces are exclusively manufactured and imported by us from China, Mexico and Guatemala come in mahogany, oak, pecan, white, metal and lava rock finishes in a price ranging between of $ 139 and $ 799. Our fireplaces come in various attractive models and can serve as home decoration as well as utility items such as bookshelves or mantelpieces. While it takes a little over four feet space to install these jel fireplaces, setting up one is easy too. It just takes a couple of hours and a screwdriver to install one!

Jensen Company jel fireplaces run exclusively on REAL FLAME™ jel fuel, a can of which cost as little as $ 0.85 and provides up to 3,000 BTU per hour. As REAL FLAME™, manufactured and marketed by Jensen Company, conforms to the Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHO) and Environment Protection Agency (EPA), our fireplaces are completely safe for your health and home. Apart from the jel fireplaces and REAL FLAME™ gel fuel, we also provide accessories, free installation download and our VIP Club membership to our clients.

Jensen Company jel fireplaces: The best hearths anywhere available!

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